The Rotaractor Just Said WHAT?!?

Here are Rotary we use a lot of terms and acronyms that might be confusing if you are new (yes, we refer to the Rotary International President as RIP). We have gathered the ones that we know about, but if you hear or see something that you can’t find on this page, ask someone and let us know ( we would love to add it to the list for the next wave of new people.

PE - President-Elect IPP - Immediate Past President PP - Past President

DG - District Governor (The Leader of the District) DGN - District Governor Nominee

DGE - District Governor-Elect IPDG - Immediate Past District Governor

PDG - Past District Governor AG - Assistant Governor

DOTS - District Officers Training CAP - Community Assistance Program

RYE - Rotary Youth Exchange YEP - Youth Exchange Program

RIP - Rotary International President PRIP - Past Rotary International President

RF - Rotary Foundation CLT – Club Leadership Training

RLI – Rotary Leadership Institute CODT - Club Officers and Directors Training

PETS - Presidents-Elect Training Seminar RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

RIPE - Rotary International President Elect

Rotary - A service organization that is 1.2 million strong

Rotaract - Service and social clubs for young adults ages that are sponsored by Rotary clubs.

Interact - A service and social club for youth ages 12 - 18 which are sponsored by Rotary clubs.

EarlyAct - A service and social club for youth ages 6 - 12 which are sponsored by Rotary clubs.

District - An area encompassing a number of Rotary Clubs (our District is 7070, it goes from the west end of Toronto to Prince Edward County in the East and Newmarket in the north).

Zone - An area encompassing a number of Rotary Districts

Rotary International (RI) - Our international association comprised of approximately 34,000 Rotary clubs and 1.2 million members in nearly every country of the world. Headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, with international offices on four continents.

Paul Harris - The Founder of Rotary.

Sponsoring Club - Rotaract and Interact Clubs need to be sponsored by a Rotary Club, some Rotaract Clubs have multiple sponsors. These clubs are ‘parents’ for the Rotaract Clubs, they help

District Conference - An annual motivational meeting that showcases club and district activities. Open to all Rotarians in that district and their families.

RI Convention - An annual celebration of Rotary held in a different location around the world each year. Open to all Rotarians and their families.

ClubRunner - A web service that many clubs use in our district to host web sites and enhance electronic communication with District and International. (As a Rotaractor you aren’t going to use it, but people will talk about it from to time).

PolioPlus - The Rotary Foundation's program focusing on global and polio eradication efforts.

Rotary Fellowships - International groups of individuals who share a vocational or recreational interest. An example is the International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians.

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) The philanthropic arm of Rotary International that helps Rotarians advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through humanitarian projects and educational programs.

Rotary Peace Fellow - A recipient of a Rotary Foundation scholarship for study at one of the Rotary Peace Centers.

Rotary Youth Exchange (YE) - A cultural and educational exchange for students ages 15 - 19, A chance to travel and live abroad for cultural exchanges. More than 8,000 students participate in this immersive program each year.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Rotary's leadership training program for teens and young adults that emphasizes social responsibility, global citizenship, and personal development.

Twining - When two Rotaract clubs from different countries establish a relationship, and have agreed to run a project together. It could be an International Service Project, or a cultural exchange.

Transferring Member - A member of one Rotaract/Rotary club that changes club. Traditionally a Transferring Member doesn't have to 'apply' to become a member of their new club. They will however have to provide a letter from their past club proving that they are a member of good standing.

Sponsoring Rotary Club -