Case Study: Your Rotaract Club Future

The Breakdown

Attendees of RotaConnect will be sorted into teams prior to the conference. They will receive their team assignments and the contact information for their teams one week prior to the conference. They will be expected to meet at least once in that week to complete icebreakers and prepare a plan of attack. Each team will receive the case problem Saturday May 8 at 9 A.M. The written proposal in response to the case problem is due May at 7 P.M.

Why are we doing one?

A case study gives us the opportunity to dig deep on the issues facing Rotaract Clubs in the District. Rotaract Clubs thrive when we work together and cross the boundaries of clubs. You will get the chance to put heads together with other Rotaractors and with the advice of Rotarians to form solutions that you can actually take back to your club and execute.

How is it being judged?

Rotary sponsors are important to our Rotaract Clubs because of the advice, manpower, and long-term understanding of plans and projects. Your proposal will be judged by Rotary sponsors of Rotaract Clubs, Rotarians, and experienced Rotaractors who will critique, and give constructive feedback.

What about Prizes?
Coming Soon.