RotaConnect 2021 Itinerary

This year the Rotaract Clubs of D7070 have been focusing on building connections within the Rotaract Family. When the Rotaract Club of Willowdale challenged the other Rotaract Clubs to donate to the bottle drive, Rotaract Clubs came together in support of the Smiles Foundations. When the Rotaract Clubs of York University and Rotaract Club of UofT Scarborough Campus decided to have Game Nights we were happy to win (and lose) while building a community. We celebrated ALL the December Holidays with the Rotaract Club of Toronto ... and the year isn’t over yet!

Building on that foundation of connection this year’s District Rotaract Conference will look a little different than it has before; and not just because it’s going to be online. We wanted to create an environment where there are lots of possibilities to build those connections while growing and strengthening our Rotary family.

The 2021 District Conference will be one day, with flexible programming to maximize the fun! A week before the District Conference the attendees will be paired with your conference pod and be given the simple task of getting to know each other.

(9:30-10:00am) We are starting off the day with your favourite cuppa. Introduce yourself to new people from the District and beyond. Our favourite Interactors will make sure that you don’t need to worry about what to say because they have the ice breaker questions covered!

(10:00-10:40am) After welcoming us to the conference the Rotaract Club of GTA Connect is excited to introduce you to the Case Study for the day. Focusing on a problem that we have been hearing about all year. But don’t focus too hard on this because …

(10:40-11:30am) Rotaract Club of Willowdale is taking us for a ride when it comes to building connections with the rest of the people attending the conference. Put your mics and thinking hat on because we need you!

(11:30am-1:30pm) In making sure that no one spends the whole day sitting, we are taking a break where you can connect with your conference pod and work on the Case Study while sharing your favourite lunch special. Don’t overthink it and make sure that the ideas keep flowing because you only have two hours before the case study is due.

(1:30-2:30pm) While the people in the background are looking over the ideas, you will be hearing from our keynote speaker (Jananee Savuntharanathan) about what can happen when you jump into the Rotary family with both feet and fully commit. The Rotaract Club of Toronto-Danforth will be working to facilitate the discussions to keep everyone engaged.

(2:30-3:00pm) We couldn’t end the day without celebrating what Rotaractors in our District have been able to do this year (even in a global pandemic). If there is someone that you would like to celebrate we would love to hear about it ( we also are looking forward to sharing with you the ideas from the Case Study.

(3:00pm-open) Closing out the day, we are excited that the University of Toronto Rotaract Club and the Rotaract Club of Toronto have come together to keep us entertained and build those connections.

(7:00pm) If all of that didn’t fill your cup, then come back in the evening. The tables will be open and the only thing that we have planned is chats with other people in the Rotary Family. Because after all, isn’t that what we all love about conferences.

We can't wait to see you at the conference!